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  • Neurobehavioral Controls and Potential Measurement

    NEUROBEHAVIORAL CONTROLS AND POTENTIALITY MEASUREMENT - NCPM Potentiality Assessment NCPM is a test devised to measure the versatility of a professional mind in Further analysis shows the...

  • Sleep Disorder Diagnosis & Therapy Center

    Coming Soon.   Axxonet will be launching its Sleep Disorder Diagnosis & Therapy services in the last quarter of 2013. Watch this space for further information.  ...

  • Brain Function Therapy [Cognitive Enhancement & Rehab]

    Brain Function Therapy [BFT] has been used for over 20 years for Rehabilitation and Cognitive enhancement across a variety of population. BFT is been used with subjects from different walks of life...

  • Neurofeedback Therapy

    BESS Neurofeedback (NFB) guided neurotherapy assists an individual to acquire more control over their brain waves. Research provides specificity reporting that NFB effectively changes brain activity...

  • Neuropsychological Assessment

    Psychological disorders and illnesses of the brain produce changes in individuals with regard to their cognitive and behavioural functioning. Assessment focuses on determining and gauging the...

  • Clinical Neuropsychological Services

      Facilities Neuropsychological Assessment Services BESS Neuro Feedback based Therapy Brain Function Therapy (c) based Therapy Neuropsychological Therapy Services...