Break things

We are always creating things @ Axxonet, cant do it without breaking something

Cause it can be

At times we just do – no business plan, no ROI, no funding – just do – cause it can be done


The only skill you need is the ability to learn, teach and deploy

Free Beer

Utopia WILL exist one day

Emperors new clothes

You have a tongue and mind – use them. Be open – question things. But don’t be arrogant.


If you share our passion and a compulsive disorder to do good, we could be a nice place to be


You alone define the meaning – not society


Bills were invented to be paid, work hard so you can pay more

Doors & Windows

Believe in opportunities – not problems. Not everything has to be a solution to a problem.


Remember a Straight line is a Straight line – No compromises


You know enough about getting up, just make sure you don’t hurt others in the process

What Next

Always try to pay it forward